The dream of a monster: Frankenstein.

Scenic discourse with live illustration and music.

Bianca Künzel, Alexander Steindorf
Matts Johan Leenders
Live Illustration
Max Fiedler
Dorle Trachternach

A scenic discourse with live illustration and music about Mary Shelley’s novel „Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus“.

A production by projekt-il
in cooperation with zakk e.V.

A vision of the future, a horror story, a road movie – it fascinates and disturbs… Madness or miracle of science – „The dream of a monster: Frankenstein“ stretches from Mary Shelley’s romantic horror story to our own time. projekt-il works its way through the eternal dream of overcoming one’s own death with language, image and song. In order to bring Frankenstein’s monster back to life, they play, dance, draw, make music and discuss. Creator and creature face each other relentlessly – with the still same questions to each other’s morals. Why all this? Who is the monster and who acts human? Are „monsters“ allowed to live and love? In an age of independently acting machines and „intelligent“ technology, man also stands before his creations and has to put up with the question of his own morality. projekt-il tells Mary Shelley’s novel with gusto and splatter and takes on the above questions with seriousness.