The Art Cleaner

Theatre and art intervention at the K21 Düsseldorf

What happens when all the doors are closed and things in the museum start to come to life? When art looks at itself, exhibitions influence attitudes and expectations are reframed?

At the end of the day, when all the visitors leave the museum, only one person enters the deserted rooms – the art cleaner. You can’t fool him, because there is the same dirt on everything. He has worked in the museum for years and a special relationship always develops between him and the works of art. The art cleaner tells of his longing for more life behind the still lifes, for more silence in the noise. Over time, everything he is asked to clean opens up a new world to him. The exhibitions begin to breathe differently, to live differently. The pictures look him in the eye. They give him warmth, understanding, humour and affection. And sometimes a crazy view of reality.

projekt-il is the working platform of director and actress Bianca Künzel and actor Alexander Steindorf. Together they realise theatre and art projects in public spaces.

Bianca Künzel
Alexander Steindorf

Duration: approx. 80 minutes,
without break
The event is barrier-free.

A production by projekt-il in co-production with asphalt Festival 2016, in cooperation with Kunstsammlung NRW, supported by the Cultural Office of the City of Düsseldorf.