Transcultural projects

Erasmus & Europa

Sing Your Music, Dance Your Culture, Support Cultural Integration

December 2019

The Erasmus+ programme „Sing Your Music, Dance Your Culture, Support Cultural Integration“ took place in Athens from 9th to 21st December 2019. This programme was organised by projekt-il (Germany) and Echodrama Cultural Group (Greece) and funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union through Youth for Europe, the national agency for the Erasmus+ Youth Department in Germany. Thirty dancers, musicians, actors and performance artists based in Germany, France and Greece participated in this project. In order to promote cultural integration through the joint exchange of methods, ideas and visions, various small art projects were developed and brought together in a large stage performance.

The next step

Junges Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf
Münsterstraße 446

Closing event of the 10th Düsseldorf Reading Festival as part of Café Eden.

… While I wait, I think about everything that could have happened. … Anyone who claims to know the next step but one is lying. Such a person should definitely be treated with caution …

This evening is about the next step – over borders, thresholds, over to strangers, into freedom or captivity. With music, dance, poems and stories of setting off, of the first difficult step, of being on the way and perhaps also of arriving after difficult paths and decisions. People with and without a migration background try to lend a poetic depth to the everyday and extraordinary incidents of the next step.

Amy Frega
Altan Yilmaz
Hanni Kayali
Muzaffer Gürenc (Balama)
Michael Hess (dance)
Alexander Steindorf (speaker and set up)
Matin Soofipour (intercultural guide)

One look – Other stories

Café Eden
Münsterstraße 446

A work by projekt-il, inspired by the travelling exhibition „Facettenreich – Andere Geschichten“ by scenographer Sonja Koch. This project was funded by the NRW Landesbüro Freie Darstellende Künste.

There are moments when I think the earth is spinning, people are dancing, getting married, living.
There are moments when I think people are walking in circles, shouting at each other and killing each other.

Sulaiman Sohrab Salem

„A Look – Other Stories“ is dedicated to fantasies and realities that a „look“ can trigger or show in each of us and is a poetic snapshot of the prospects and movements in our present. Musicians, dancers, actors and citizens of Düsseldorf from Syria, Germany, Egypt and Turkey present in a variety of forms their assumptions about everything that a glance at our city, this country and our time makes visible. Everyday reveries encounter both political attitudes and poetic insights as well as the gaze of visual artist Sonja Koch, who casts it on the fates of refugees in our society in her mobile exhibition „Other Stories“.

Amy Frega (vocals)
Michael Hess (dance)
Jakob Wagner (guitar)
Alexander Steindorf (speaker and set up)
Rami Lazkani (speaker and intercultural guide)
sowie als Gäste
Muzzafer Gürenc (vocals and Baglama) und Hanny Kayali (performance)